Interim Pastor

Dr. Will Hall is currently serving as the Interim Pastor at FBC Pollock. Dr. Hall is director of the Office of Public Policy for the 1,650 churches of the Louisiana Baptist Convention and is executive editor of the Baptist Message.

He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy (Bachelor of Science), the George Washington University (Master of Arts), Harvard University (Master of Education), and earned his doctorate at Vanderbilt University, where he researched advice-seeking behavior of executives as it relates to strategic decision making (Ph. D in leadership, policy and organizations).

He is a retired naval aviator, having served as a politico-military planner on the Joint Staff at the Pentagon during the First Gulf War. Just before retiring, he directed all the academic programs for leadership development (the flagship program) at the United States Naval Academy.

For 10 years he was the vice president for News Services for the Southern Baptist Convention. Afterward he served two years as evangelism director for an international ministry.

He and his wife Catherine have three sons: Jacob, a Down syndrome special needs adult (24); Nathan (27), a graduate of cinematography at LSU and now an employee of the Baton Rouge Film Commission; and Will (37), a car dealer who is married and lives with his wife, Victoria, in Pensacola, Florida.

Will and Catherine are active members of Philadelphia Baptist Church, Horseshoe Drive, a revitalized congregation in Alexandria, Louisiana.

Associate Pastor

Lanet Buffington serves as Associate Pastor of FBC Pollock. He was ordained by the church in 2021 and serves the congregation in a lay capacity. Lanet is married to Kathy; she serves as the church treasurer/bookkeeper.